Themed Sudoku Books

If you are looking for sudoku puzzle books with specific themes, here are a few that you are going to love. Play sudoku puzzles and learn about the world too!

Sudoku Dancer

150 extremely hard sudoku puzzles. One per page. If you are a sudoku lover and you love ballet. This is a nice combination of ideas.

Dance moms, grab this puzzle book to pass the time keeping your mind active while you wait in the dance studio. Dancers can toss this book in their dance bag in between rehearsals, commuting on the bus to class, or during those long hours in the theatre. Sudoku is perfect for keeping your mind ready to make creative decisions.

Grab yours here:

Sumo Sudoku: Ozeki Level (Hard)

If you are into the Japanese sport of Sumo and want to learn a bit about it while you execute your tough sudoku mind puzzle throws. You have found the right book.

Sumo Soduku is full of very difficult puzzles, (1 per page) and packed with great cultural information regarding the sport of sumo. It is a delightful mixture that you are going to love.

Buy it today on Amazon:

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